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Are you a best service provider of your city? Are you still using papers to make a note of job cards? Keep everything aside JobCards bring all the features in single application.

workshops, garages, repair shops and maintenance shops etc.

Job Card Management System

Quality service within time is the major challenge of entire service industry. Trendibyte Jobcard system helps you to quickly create Job Cards with customer complain and Assign Job Cards to different technicians and send SMS to customer with compalin no, technician no and happy code. Print and update jobcard, Colsed complain with happy code. Job Card analysis reports.

How its work

  • Services provider create/manage Customer and Vendor Database.
  • Create jobcard on customer complain and assign technician for assistance
  • Send SMS to Customer with complain ID, Technician no. and Happy Code.
  • Update Jobcard and Closed complain against customer provided Happy Code.
  • Filter/ Analysis to jobcard reports against customer.


  • Manage customer record
  • Manage technician Details
  • Generate Jobcard online
  • Closed complain with customer satisfaction code "happy code"
  • Tranperancy system between Customer and Service provider
  • Job Work report

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