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It’s hightime you create a virtual presence for your brand

Do you know why?

Create your own story

Social media platforms come with its limitation. You give less information about your brand. However, through a website, you can divulge much brand information to clients, create far-reaching narratives and ultimately build positive brand image.

Reach more potential customers

By reaching thousands of potentials, your brand can add more bang for your buck. You increase sales geometrically and double your client base.

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Outsmart your competitors

Your competitors already own a classical, sleek and responsive website. They are massively converting visitors into customers and followers of their product and services. Leg up against the competition by owning fast loading, search engine compliant ,responsive and unique captivating website today!

We can help you accomplish this goal.

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Your customers’ needs social proof

Convince both buyers about your brand potentials. A website offers brands, agencies and organisations a perfect opportunity to prove their worth by publishing past clients testimonials on their page. Customers are waiting for your social proof. Meet their expectation by designing an intuitive customer website today.

Your customers’ needs you online

Modern-day technology is rapidly influencing buyers behaviours. Most people are becoming accustomed to their browsing devices. Through their mobile phones, tablets ,laptops ,desktop computers they get clear senses of what brands, agencies and organisations offer; they validate businesses for transactions;they learn about companies processes;they personalize their orders and: they give feedbacks on products and service delivery. Your clients are not excluded from the trend.

Both prospective clients and potential buyers need your virtual presence. Own an internet space to communicate with them, transact with them, promote new products and services to them, and ultimately save the hassle of accomplishing their goals. Keep pace with fast-changing customer behaviour by hiring a web design rock star today!

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WHAT’S YOUR GOAL: Design or redesign

Maybe you need a brand new website design for your brand or intend to revamp your existing website, we’re here to help you out. Our team members keep pace with modern website design technology and tune in themselves with changes in the client’s industry. Their fluency with key website design tools and languages has helped us to deliver different stunning works that catch web user’s eyes. By leaning on their expertise, we can help you craft attention-grabbing website the reflects the ever-changing parts of your company.

Want a website designed from scratch? Here’s how we often deliver brilliant web design jobs to our clients.

We’re intuitively chatty. Through our responsive customer support desk, we interact with clients to get a clearer picture of their objectives. Our support team engage with them to understand the nature of output they intend to get.

Our conversation with clients is a two-way activity. Aside from listening to clients, we offer recommendations regarding their project.

We research your audience personas and deploy modern technologies to craft intuitive user designs for our clients.

After reaching a consensus on project requirements, we follow standard website design procedures to deliver a functional and visual appeal website to clients.

Perhaps you need a revamp for your website, know that our service coverage extends to this aspect of web design service.

We get customer site revamped by observing the procedures below :

Analyze your existing site
We devote our time to evaluate clients current websites and subsequently identify areas that require changes.

We discuss the entire structures of the existing website with you. This helps us understand areas that require changes on your website.

We research your audience personas and deploy modern technologies to craft intuitive user designs for our clients.

After we’ve analyzed and identified your requirement, our team makes the necessary chances and delivers results as quick as possible.

At Trendibyte, we’re obliged to constructing a structure that makes navigation intuitive for users and design websites that behaves in a way users expected. We strictly adhere to designs,coding and navigational theory to serve clients accordingly.

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What you can get from us

Our experts are always on-the-go to adapt themselves with changing web design technology demands and immerse themselves into creative thinking to deliver sophisticated or sleek websites that are :

SEO compliant
UX friendly
Fast loading
Accessible by every web users
Navigation friendly and lots more

By leaning on our web designers strength, you can easily convert visitors into loyal customers, followers and fans.

Let’s help you build a functional website that converts easily.

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web design

Our Web Design Tools

We deploy state-of-art tools to create an attention-grabbing website for our clients. Few of our modern web design tools include :

Adobe Photoshop

Because we want your website to adapt to shifting requirement of search engine optimization standards, we utilize photoshops to resize and compress images.

Adobe Illustrator

Our understanding about UX principle has been a major motivation for us to keep designing intuitive user website. As a result, we adopt this technological tool to create custom graphics for your website.

Adobe Animate

For faster loading times, web user-friendliness,and enhanced engagement, we deploy this tool to transform vectors into animations and also reduce site weight.

Content Management systems

We dedicate time to spot latest web design CMS trends, check what platform – Drupal, Wordpressetc are adaptable to your request and craft you an elegant website.

web design


We’re not only fluent with key website tools, but we’re also well versed in different kinds of modern web design languages. Notable ones include :

We constantly upgrade our knowledge about hypertext markup language to help clients achieve good website structure

At trendibyte.com, we have a keen eye for aesthetics. This forms a reason why we deploy user-first perspective and Cascade style sheets to deliver the visual appealing website to our clients.

Because cross-browser compatibility is paramount to us, we incorporate javascript UI techniques into your site designs. By doing this, your site becomes more interactive and user-friendly.

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Letting your website do more

Adding more website functions may not be on your radar right now. However,that decision may change in the future, and if it does, you don’t need to go elsewhere to accomplish your objectives. Don’t hesitate to contact us for activation of the following functions :

E-store Functionalities

When you need to store and manage your products or items for e-commerce, and online sales,we can design robust and functional e-store facilities for you.

Email Newsletter

This facility that enables you to create email newsletters your brand can send out to large groups. We’re available to create a responsive opt-in form for your site.

Members Directory

The members’ directory an application that allows you to search or filter a list of members on your site. It is cool for both alumni and trade websites.

Live chat options

This helps you give an instant response to web visitors and attend to their query as quickly as possible.

For any other applications, feel free to learn more.

web design

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